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Welcome to Alaska Outdoor Ventures

Catholic Homeschool Extracurricular Education and Adventure

Alaska Outdoor Ventures for Catholic homeschoolers is a group that organizes activities for kids that includes venture exploration, sports, wilderness skills and education and also includes various learning opportunities. These other extracurricular learning opportunities revolve around primordial life skills, trades and subsistence skills development.  Some examples are, camping, backpacking, wilderness survival, swimming, exploring nature, plant identification, farming, rock climbing, canoeing, hunting, archery, self defense, crafting, trapping, skiing, carpentry and any number of various skills involving the outdoors, life and trade skills, health, fitness and self reliance.
Bring your kids on adventures and give them opportunities to make like-minded friends in a healthy and positive environment.

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Pharisee or Saducee?

Egotist or Hedonist? Todays sermon was about the pharisees and Saducees. Today we can clearly see that the pharisee and Saducee mold is...

Beauty is very good

What is beauty? Is it vanity so expressly derided in scripture? No. Is the mountain vain for its glorious height? Is a man vain for his...

Why Modesty?

First off, modesty is about propriety, appropriateness. It is about keeping something in its proper order in a virtuous way. Modesty is...

Sex and love

Sex must include love for it to be good. Love is what makes sex good. Without love sex is broken, out of order, bad, destructive, evil,...

Why i dont do sleepovers

Why i dont do sleepovers: Bottom line: I am my kids parent. Its my duty to raise them right, teach them right from wrong and protect...

Equality and heirarchy

“Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. Wives be in submission to your husbands in all things.”...

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If you would like to join us, Contact Ruth Bowman through this site. Ruth is the site creator and will be in charge of venture logistics and communication. A parent or guardian is required to accompany children on ventures. The environment is meant to be family friendly. Our groups core values are in line with Catholic church teaching.

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